Geraldo Rivera's awkward encounter with Larry David is "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Rich people don't have to worry about doctor bills, buying groceries, or saving for rent, so they focus on more important matters — like how awful it feels to be snubbed by people in their same social class.

Geraldo Rivera's recent tweet about his humiliating encounter with Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David at "outdoor afternoon Martha's Vineyard birthday party at the home of retiring Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz" combines sour grapes with a fine whine, and reveals the Fox News corresponded to have sense of self-awareness as void as Al Capone's safe.

"I spotted Larry in the crowd and walked toward him," tweeted Rivera. "Instead of making at least nominal polite contact, Larry ostentatiously avoided even looking in my direction. He actually scurried about in theatrical panic, ducking behind other guests Groucho Marx-style as he made sure to keep a safe distance. I later found out from Dershowitz that it was because I worked at the time for Fox News, and was generally supportive of my old friend President Trump."

Rivera's indignation over being snubbed due to his far-right political affiliations and employer by someone who can't stand the far-right or Fox is just the kind of joke that would be in an episode of Curb. But this time around, Larry didn't end up the butt of the joke.

Queue "Frolic."

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