MyDraw makes creating org charts, family trees, and other graphic diagrams incredibly simple

As the old saying goes, you need the right tool for the right job. That's especially true for hyper-specialized projects that you might not immediately consider – like creating a flowchart or a family tree.

Sure, you can try Photoshop or another editing program, but it isn't always so easy to get all those boxes, lines, and other elements lined up just right. Graphic drawing apps like Illustrator are probably a better bet, but still make you jump through an array of hoops to get the results you want. Heck, sometimes, it's even easier to try to build something like an org chart in a document program like Microsoft Word.

However, with the right tool like MyDraw Advanced Diagramming, it suddenly becomes a whole lot easier to craft just the intricately formatted graphic layout you want without slaving for hours trying to get it right.

MyDraw starts with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for newbies to get started quickly. From creating a project workflow, to formalizing a business hierarchy, to mind-mapping during brainstorming sessions, MyDraw starts with scores of templates that can help get any user underway. 

There are hyper-technical templates like a Business Process Model and Notation diagram or a cross-functional flowchart. There are also more straight-forward templates like a timeline or a Venn diagram, and even guides for starting your own invoices or scorecards.

In fact, the MyDraw interface isn't so different from basic programs like Microsoft Office favorites, so it doesn't take much manipulation to adjust shape sizes, modify text, draw connections and various pointers, or further customize your work in dozens of different ways.

Whether it's a rectangle, an octagon, or just a plain old circle, MyDraw can render shapes and lines as both raster and vector graphics, which allows your final work to be resized or reformatted with no loss of quality.

Automatic layout features can get your elements lined up perfectly, while MyDraw's print formatting allows users to see exactly how the graphic will appear when printed, even if it needs to extend over multiple pages.

Compatible for both Mac and Windows users, a lifetime license to MyDraw Advanced Diagramming is usually $69. Right now, you can save 50% off its regular price and get full access to MyDraw for only $33.99.

Prices subject to change.