The Axle turns the simple barbell into a full-body workout tool. Right now, it's almost $100 off

In a world of fitness products all ready to perform a multitude of tasks for reshaping the body and overall fitness, a barbell may feel uninspired. It's just…you know…a barbell. Granted, barbell reps will definitely build up your arms and some other muscle groups. But, unless you're into weight training, it might not seem like much of a candidate for providing a full body workout.

That's why the folks behind the Axle decided it was time to give the basic old barbell a serious 21st century makeover. The result was the Axle Versatile Olympic Barbell, a fitness tool that serves up the dynamic total body workout many want by packing in some revolutionary ideas and design innovations that make a barbell a heck of a lot more than just an old barbell.

The lightest Olympic caliber barbell on the market at just 11 lbs., users can load on plates up to 130 lbs. to handle a host of typical lifting exercises. Made with anodized aluminum and impact-engineered ACS end caps, this collapsible 55-inch barbell is ready for all the traditional lifting exercises, including bench presses, straight bar lifting, deadlifts, and more.

The 55-inch Axle gets a lot of its versatility by augmenting the traditional weight plates with a pair of 19-inch wheels. Yep, the Axle is really like…well, an axle.

The wheels are what truly elevate the Axle, offering a completely different set of exercise possibilities, like becoming a hand-driven core roller or a planking tool. With the accompanying foot anchors attached, it can also put your lower body to the test as the only barbell designed to roll with your feet.

The Axle can also be used with a resistance band, which forces your muscles to continue contracting, allowing you to feel like you're lifting an even greater weight, which further develops your strength without the danger of adding extra weight to your bar.

With the Axle, users also get the Axle app, which includes an extensive library of on-demand workouts and mobility exercises, as well as one year of unlimited live streaming training classes.

The Axle Bundle is regularly a $388 value, but with the current deal, it's available now for almost $100 off, only $299.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices subject to change.