This bioluminescent orb glows every night – and will keep you utterly transfixed

Bioluminescence is one of those products of nature that truly makes the average person step back and marvel at the absolute wonder of our world. Found in many types of aquatic life, science explains it as molecules in the body of a living organism that produce light, often when exposed to oxygen.

While it may be the most common form of communication on planet Earth, just staring at natural light emitting from what often appears as just simple water feels less like science and more like magic.

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb brings a little of that natural wonder right into the palm of your hand. 

This hand-blown glass sphere is about 4 inches across, but when you mix in the included PyroDinos, that's where the magic happens. With thousands of microalgae, otherwise known as plankton, inside, just set the orb in a moderately well-lighted area for a few days. 

As the microalgae start absorbing typical room light and carbon dioxide from your environment during the day, the real party starts to happen at night. 

With the help of much-needed DinoNutrients and the oxygen the microalgae produce, all it takes is a small swirl of the Bio-Orb in darkness to ignite a beautiful, glowing light from inside the sphere. It's actually a lot like having a houseplant…only it takes even less work and produces some truly spectacular results. The whole thing even comes with easy care instructions to help keep the lightshow going for months and months.

Along with the pleasant and almost hypnotic glow of the bioluminescence, the picture is completed with an included metal octopus stand that holds the orb and intensifies the mystery around this fantastic desk piece.

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb with the OctoStand is regularly priced at $85. Right now, you can save $5 off the purchase and get the entire collection for just $79.99. Get one for yourself, or give one of the most unique gifts ever for a friend or loved one.

Prices subject to change.