Creating a UV curing oven for resin using grocery bags

If you get Amazon Fresh or similar food deliveries, you are likely familiar with the silver-foil insulated freezer bags that frozen foods come in. These quickly multiply in Tribbles-like numbers.

I'm always looking for ways to reuse these bags. I regularly use the material to create silvery envelopes for sending out eBay sales and as packing inside of shipping boxes.

In this video, artist and educator, Audrey Lee Love (aka audreyObscura) shows how she created two resin curing ovens utilizing similar foil insulating material. She made a flexible UV curing oven inside of a re-purposed shopping tote and one sort of quonset hut-style oven using 3D printed end caps.

I just got a small-volume resin printer for Christmas and have been thinking about quick, easy (and cheap) ideas for building a UV resin curing station. I like the idea of using one of my Amazon Fresh bags. I could easily make the back and front/door to the oven out of card or chipboard.

Image: audreyObscura