These 15 deals on flashlights and headlamps are on sale for up to 66% off

It probably sounds trite, but a quality light source in an emergency really can make the difference between life and death. While you hope to never need it, a powerful, functioning flashlight or headlamp should not only be part of your pack for any outdoor excursion, it should also be stationed in your vehicle for the day disaster might strike.

If you're ready to scratch that vital item off your emergency preparedness list, there are currently 15 different headlamps and flashlight models on sale right now that could each fit the bill. To make your decision even easier, they're on sale at up to 67% off.

Emergency Multi-Function Radio and Flashlight – $28.99; originally $89

Not only does this handy accessory have a boomer of a flashlight, the multi-function radio brings in AM, FM, and even weather band radio broadcasts for emergency updates. And, you won't need batteries. This unit not only features a large solar panel for building energy, it's also got a hand-crank so you'll never be low on power. It'll even help you charge USB-compatible devices.

Bell + Howell Taclight Flashlight and Lantern Bundle – $25.99; originally $79

Your camping trip is covered with the powerful flashlight and lantern duo. The water-resistant Taclight flashlight has five different light modes, including a built-in strobe and SOS abilities. Meanwhile, the lantern is built around an ultra-bright LED light, and is collapsible down to a size smaller than a smartphone for easy transport.

H2 Headlamp: Waterproof, Rechargeable LED Wide 180° Angle Headlight – $36.99; originally $50

H2 Belt Light: Waterproof, Rechargeable LED Wide 180° Angle Belt Light – $41.99; originally $56

These H2 lights from One80Light are the latest upgrades to a line that is built for outdoor adventures that demand your hands stay free. Whether you go with the H2 Headlamp or the H2 Belt Light, both offer three brightness settings, up to seven hours of battery life, and a blistering 360-lumen LED beam that cuts through the darkness. They're each also waterproof to make sure nothing can stop these ultra-lightweight models from bathing everything ahead of you in 180 degrees of light.

ZeroDark 3-Piece Tactical Set: Flashlight, Lantern and Headlamp – $19.99; originally $59

This complete set from Aduro is ready for any outing. Whether you're using the flashlight with adjustable zoom and six light modes, the collapsible lantern with a beam that can be seen for two miles, or the headlamp with five different swivel positions, you can feel secure. That's because each device is up to 40 times brighter than the standard LED light source.

TripleLite 180° LED Flashlight – $29.99; originally $29

Sure, any flashlight can throw a single beam of light across the blackness. But, with the TripleLite, you get three. The trio combines to give off a wide-beam, 180-degree swath of 600 lumens ultra-bright light for up to 15 hours. And, if you're having a power outage, just stand the TripleLite on end, and it's wide coverage area will light up the entire room.

Vega 200 COB LED Ultralight Headlamps: 3-Pack – $10.99; originally $14

Here's a fast and easy way to keep your entire team safe. Each of these three headlamps are only about 2.5 inches long, but they're mighty, shooting a 200 lumens beam, up to 50 feet ahead of you. They're each also water and weather-resistant, so whether you're biking, hiking, working in the garage, or out for an early run, these LED lamps can cut through the dark.

DanForce Bold-S 1080 Lumen Rechargeable Triple Headlamp – $41.99; originally $45

DanForce G1: The World's First Modular Flashlight Kit – $69; originally $99

DanForce is one of the top names in tactical light gear, so it's no surprise that the Bold-S headlamp is built to handle whatever the conditions throw at it. The triple light array throws a formidable 1080 lumens of light in four different light modes. And, the built-in 2,200mAh battery should last for the better part of a day on a single charge, pumping out up to 10 hours of light.

Meanwhile, the G1 also sports 1080 lumens brightness…but it's so much more than just a flashlight. Hidden in his compact frame, the G1 has accessories to turn it into a lantern, a compass, a power bank, an emergency flasher, a window smasher, and more. And did we mention it's a beast of a light as well, shooting a strong steady beam up to 1,000 feet?

Solar Assisted Flashlight – $33.99; originally $39

Whether you need a focused beam of light, a wide-cast work light, a flashing emergency light, or even just a battery to charge up your USB-powered devices, this powerful light can get the job done. It's got an integrated solar cell to keep everything charged up by the power of the sun, as well as a magnetic bottom so it can attach to metal surfaces for hands-free lighting.

Luci Outdoor 2.0: Inflatable Solar Lights (2-Pack) – $42 with code LUCILUX8; originally $50

The Lucis can not only charge via USB or from the power of the sun, they're completely inflatable, so they can collapse down to just an inch high for easy transport everywhere. Engineered to withstand up to 150 lbs. of pressure, these durable lights are made for any adventure you have in mind. Use the coupon code LUCILUX8 during checkout for $8 off your purchase.

Multifunctional LED Flashlight with Built-in Speaker and Bike Clip – $14.99; originally $24

If you're taking the bike out, this is the light that's thought of everything. Along with the powerful flashlight beam for when the sun goes down, this light also features a built-in speaker and MP3 player to play everything from music to podcasts while you ride. It also includes a clip to clasp onto your bike just perfectly.

KeySmart Nano Torch XL Compact Pen Light – $32.99; originally $39

KeySmart Nano Torch Twist LED Flashlight – $49.99; originally $59

KeySmart's Nano Torch Pen Light is crafted to serve as the optimal EDC pocket flashlight. Ergonomically designed for one-hand use, the sliding barrel head adjusts the focus of your 120 lumens beam for a wide spill or narrow spotlight, all in a casing built to protect the Torch from a minor fall.

Meanwhile, KeySmart also makes the Nano Torch Flashlight, with a tactical 90-degree rotating swivel head so you can turn your beam in loads of different directions. With features like a magnetic cap for easy mounting, and a lock to prevent accidental power-ups, there's even an intelligent memory circuit that remembers which of the 5 lighting modes you last used.

Liteband FLEX 300 Wide-Beam LED Headlamp – $19.99; originally $19

With a healthy 4.4 out of 5 stars from Amazon reviewers, this headlamp checks all the boxes. Packed with 20 tiny LEDs, the FLEX 300 serves up 300 lumens of power with an arc of up to 210 degrees. USB-C rechargeable and fully weatherproof, that wide range makes it easy to keep the entire area well-lit, even without turning your head.

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