This Starchive 1TB cloud storage account doesn't just hold your content – it curates it

The cloud is definitely growing up. A decade ago, you'd have been hard-pressed to find many comfortable with saving all of their documents, media, and other important files with a cloud service provider. Today, everyone is on board the cloud storage train.

But, with growth comes maturity too. For many users, it's not enough to store all your files in the digital version of a dark, hastily assembled warehouse. They want their files showcased in a museum with easy access, foolproof organization, and iron-clad security.

Starchive has created a digital asset management model that helps users feel like their cloud is a curated experience and not just a random hodge-podge of stuff, all at a price considerably lower than similar cloud storage solutions.

There's a reason why Starchive is the trusted home of artists like Bob Dylan, Carly Simon, and Roseanne Cash, as well as brands like Volvo, Essence Magazine, and the New York Philharmonic. With a Starchive 1TB Individual Plan, content doesn't just get dropped into a black hole of space. It's saved with accessibility and searchability in mind. 

Created with an eye toward individuals, influencers, and small businesses, Starchive is simple to launch. Once content is uploaded, Starchive picks up a lot of the heavy lifting from there, using file curation abilities powered by artificial intelligence to automatically organize and tag assets so they can easily be searched, found, and shared at any time.

In the Starchive universe, any tag you add to a file creates a link between similarly tagged files, all without upending organization. That allows users to organize and find files quickly based around the metadata, rather than worrying about which folder or folders house those given files.

With Starchive, you can group content into collections around a particular theme, preview, or play virtually any file type right in the web browser, or post content directly to social media platforms right from Starchive's mobile app.

Starchive also breaks down the walls in sharing content between users. Their system allows large files or collections to be shared instantly, so you don't have to worry about how long it'll take for 300GB of movies to be transferred and available to a friend or co-worker. There's no uploading or downloading needed to get files right into the hands of those you want to share with.

Meanwhile, Starchive is a lot cheaper than other big file storage alternatives. Right now, a lifetime subscription to a Starchive 1TB Individual Plan is over 90% off its regular price, just $96.99.

Prices subject to change.