Proofreading trick: use a proofreader-friendly font

I wanted to share a little trick some proofreading pros use. I use proofreading fonts (previously) like DP Sans Mono, which supports a wide range of Unicode characters. Some people with visual issues, dyslexia, or other reading impairments may also find it a more legible option for some uses.

The primary use is for checking OCR-scanned documents for "scannos" (scan typos introduced by OCR errors):

DP Sans Mono and its predecessors aren't meant to look pretty – their main purpose is to facilitate accurate proofreading and enable the quicker discovery of errors and scannos. That's why characters and punctuation marks stand out from each other. If you really don't like DP Sans Mono though, feel free to switch to another font; however be warned that due to the nature of other fonts (they were designed to look nice and consistent for reading and display purposes, not for proofreading), you may end up missing a couple of scannos and find it much harder to find errors in the text you are proofreading.

As I mentioned before, I also like Atkinson Hyperlegible for reader-facing typography.

Image: Distribute Proofreaders