International Space Station has "insignificant" crack in hull

One hull crack was found in the ISS and another is suspected, reports TASS. The air loss due to the crack is "insignificant", according to ISS Russian Segment head Vladimir Solovyov, but they want to bring up a powerful microscope on the next cargo flight to take a close look.

"This leak is like as if you'd drill the hull with a 0.2 mm diameter drill. I'm not sure such drills even exist in household. As for the leak it causes, our [space air] pressure is 750 mmHg, and this alleged crack causes us to lose 0.3 to 0.4 mmHg every day," the official said, adding that emergency leak starts when pressure falls at 0.5 to 1 mmHg per minute.

Get that chip fixed.

A mystery hole found in 2018 in the ISS, drilled from the inside, turned out to be the result of a botched repair.