This espresso press can turn out a brilliantly powerful brew in minutes and it's less than $50

If you're a coffee-lover, specifically, a lover of espresso, then you already know that picking up an espresso machine is not cheap. Those machines pressurize boiling water, then fire it at finely ground coffee beans for a richer, more caffeine-fueled result than your normal drip-brewed coffee.

That specialization is why many won't pay for a $300, $400, or $500 espresso maker and just settle for buying one brewed at Starbucks every day for $5. But hey…that adds up after a while, too. Instead, smart espresso fiends can go another route by making it themselves with a helper like the Kopipresso Espresso Press

While those expensive espresso machines streamline the process, the real key to a quality espresso is the pressure. With this press, home baristas use the manual pump to build up anywhere from 8 to 20 bars of pressure that squeeze the goodness out of those coffee beans thoroughly and just right.

This unit is fully compatible with the original line of Nespresso capsules, so all it takes is dropping in your capsule to get started toward enjoying your own espresso at a fraction of the cost of an expensive brewer or buying one from your local coffee shop.

The Kopipresso Espresso Press doesn't need any electricity, and at only just 8 inches long and weighing just a pound, it's lightweight and portable enough to make a morning espresso your thing no matter where you are.

The pressure pump and coffee chamber are made of high-quality stainless steel, making cleanup particularly painless. You can rinse, fully submerge the machine, or even pop it in the dishwasher to get it sparkling clean in no time, which is a lot less time than it usually takes to clean one of those more elaborate brewing systems.

Regularly priced at $60, you can save over $10 off the price of a Kopipresso Espresso Press right now with this offer. You can pick one up now for only $49.95 while this deal lasts.

Prices subject to change.