For Valentine's Day, this grandma will teach you real Italian cooking, one-on-one

As an expression of your innermost deeply held feelings, Valentine's Day should be one of the easiest holidays of the year. But as any husband, wife or significant other can attest, the Day of Love can actually end up being pretty darn stressful.

Flowers, candies and the usual expressions of the day are incredibly played out. And, in the age of COVID, even the romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant is largely off the menu this year. So instead, you could serve up an absolutely brilliant, totally unique, yet equally taste-exploding option – a quarantine dinner as prepared by a true Italian grandmother made especially for you.

For this year's Valentine's Day dinner, a Zoom visit from Nonna Nerina from Nonna Live: Cooking Pasta with Nonna & Family for an unforgettable cooking course will serve up one of the finest culinary holiday feasts you've ever had, outside of Thanksgiving. It would also be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you and your partner would never forget.

If you've never heard of Nonna Nerina, this quintessential 84-year-old Italian grandmother is just what you think an 84-year-old Italian grandmother would be like. Full of colorful stories and more Italian cooking expertise than most experts will ever know, Nonna has become an Internet sensation. 

Now, via Zoom, you can join Nonna, her granddaughter Chiara, and her entire family from their little village outside Rome as she gives you a private lesson in cooking one of her signature dishes.

When you redeem the certificate, you'll set a time for your Zoom class. A week before your session, you'll receive a shopping list of ingredients and access to buy any utensils you'll need. Each recipe is one of Nonna's family specialties, going back more than 100 years – and once she's walked you through the process, you'll even have a list of suggested wine-pairing to enjoy your authentic Italian meal.

And, even if you're not a huge cooking fan, just spending time with Grandma Nonna is worth the price of admission alone.

Right now, the price of a Nonna Live Cooking course is a $60 value, but with this deal, it's only $45. Not a bad price for an absolutely priceless Valentine's Day experience.

Prices subject to change.