The LectroSound brings white noise and more to your pursuit of a better night's sleep

There are a ton of reasons why you may have trouble falling asleep. From environmental conditions to physiological ailments to good old fashioned stress and anxiety, it can often feel like the universe is conspiring against those forced to keep looking at the clock and fearing another night of fractured sleep.

No matter the underlying root cause, sometimes just setting the proper sleep mood can make a world of difference. That can start with help from something like the LectroSound Sleep and Relax Soothing Noise Machine.

If you've never tried it, it may seem counterintuitive, but those who swear by white noise and its variants say the sound can work wonders in promoting a full and restful night's sleep. The LectroSound includes a custom-designed analog circuitry that produces a warm, robust non-looping white noise that evens out all auditory frequencies. 

With those equal intensities, white noise not only masks loud sounds like neighborhood parties or noisy kids, it also helps defuse how your brain focuses, allowing your mind to calm itself and get to sleep easier.

And, the LectroSpeed is more than just white noise. In fact, this machine is also equipped with other sound spectrums of the color wheel, including pink and brown noise ranges. The range found on the tone dial is fully controllable over precise sonic hues at different frequencies that serve to both ease you into sleep as well as maintain a deeper, more restful slumber. 

Whether it's the shifting white noise sounds like whirring fans, radio static, or humming mechanical equipment to deeper pink noise ranges like heartbeats or rain to the deepest, lowest frequency brown noises like low roaring or thunder, you can set and adjust the level that hits your particular sleep sweet spot.

The LectroSound is portable, works with any powered USB port, and you can set the volume level to perfectly set just the right tone for any room.

Normally, the LectroSound Sleep and Relax Soothing Noise Machine is priced at $39, but with this deal, is now 60% off the regular price, available for just $15.99.

Prices subject to change.