Spending Valentine's Day at home this year? Get inspired by these 20 deals

We're fast approaching the second Valentine's Day during COVID-19 – and, for those who like to turn the event into a major Hollywood production, it might be more on the indie film scale this year.

No big dinners out at the favorite fancy restaurant this year. Instead, most of us will spend the day as we've spent most of the past year: at home.

But, before the spirit sags and the mood turns gloomy, there are definitely still some ways to make a home-bound Valentine's Day just as awesome as a big night on the town. Right now, we've pulled together 20 items that can brighten the day for your loved one, or even for yourself. And, with most of these items, you can also save an additional 15% off your total for a limited time when you use the Valentine's Day sale code VDAY2021 during checkout.

Feel better

Exclusive Da Bomb Bath Fizzers Pack: 11 Bath Bombs and Loofah – $25.49 with code VDAY2021; originally $65

These bath bombs are a way to seriously zhush up your bathtime. Handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free, these bombs not only add a splash of color to your bath, but each bomb has a hidden surprise hidden in the middle. That, plus the special loofah included, will take your Valentine's Day up a notch.

Smelly Club Scented Candle – $21.29 with code VDAY2021; originally $26

Nothing sparks the mood for love like a fresh-scented candle. Sure, they're called Smelly Club, but don't let the cheeky name fool you. Hand-poured with 100% organic soy wax and premium essential oils, these candles were created to get the party started, which you can do with either the Eucalyptus, Berries and Rose, or Fig and Fire varieties.

Moodo: The Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser – $91.79 with code VDAY2021; originally $169

If you want to want to spread the fresh scents through the entire house, the Moodo is a one-of-a-kind aroma diffuser to get the job done. Using fragrance capsules arranged into scent families, you can mix various smells into one grand aroma. You can even control your home fragrance from anywhere using the Moodo app.

Drink better

$50 to Saucey Liquor Delivery – $29.74 with code VDAY2021; originally $50

Get your V-Day party started with liquid libations from Saucey. If you live in one of 20 U.S. metropolitan areas, you can go to the Saucey website, order the beer, wines, and other spirits you want, and they'll have your order to your front door in just 30 minutes. 

W&P Copper Pineapple Tumbler and Shot Glass Bundle – $50.99 with code VDAY2021; originally $135

You need something to drink that liquor from – so how about a gorgeous tiki-inspired tumbler or shot glass that looks like a glistening copper pineapple? Warm and whimsical, each pair of 12 oz. tumblers and 2 oz. shot glasses are a stylish way to booze it up with some serious class.

Lab Series Bundle: Lab Decanter, Lab Jigger, and Mixing Beaker – $53.54 with code VDAY2021; originally $78

If your Valentine's Day mixology closely resembles a mad scientist's workbench anyway, the Lab Series should feel right at home. Made from highly-durable, lab-grade borosilicate glass, this decanter, jigger, and beaker set looks like scientific equipment, right down to the measurement markings…but rather than perfecting science, these tools are really about perfecting your cocktails.

Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles – $79.89 with code VDAY2021; originally $155

For those with a refined palate, Winc is the sommelier you've been looking for. With a highly curated roster of wines, Winc's palate profile quiz will link your tastes with the perfect wine you'll love, and you'll get 12 personalized bottle recommendations shipped right to you at almost 50% off their regular price.

Eat better

Nonna Live: Cooking Pasta with Nonna and Family (1 Class) – $38.25 with code VDAY2021; originally $60

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Zoom cooking lesson with 84-year-old Italian grandmother and master cook, Nonna Nerina. As spirited and engaging as they come, Nonna, along with her family, will meet you one-on-one to walk you through cooking one of her signature family recipes. If you never felt confident cooking pasta before, you will after a session with Nonna.

Emile Henry Fondue Kit – $42.49 with code VDAY2021; originally $99

Who doesn't love chocolate – especially on Valentine's Day? This ceramic, high-grade crock and four fondue forks make simmering chocolate (or cheese!) and make fondue on a stovetop, in an oven, or even over a grill, simple. It heats quickly, has non-drip pouring to avoid messes, and it looks great as part of your kitchen cookware staples.

8-Piece Sizzle and Serve Fajita Set – $76.49 with code VDAY2021; originally $149

There's nothing like the sizzle of fajita fixings cooking – and this 8-piece set gives you all the tools to make some stellar fajitas at home. From the 20-inch double reversible grill-griddle to the pre-seasoned cast iron sizzler plate, to even a tortilla warmer, you're fully loaded for a serious fiesta.

Yedi Infinity11 Sous Vide Kit – $80.74 with code VDAY2021; originally $129

Sous vide is the process of precision cooking food in plastic bags in boiling water – and the Yedi Infinity11 makes the cooking run like clockwork. The unit pushes heated water around your meal evenly at the perfect temperature so you get a perfect cook every time. Whether you're making beef, chicken, pork, veggies, seafood, or anything else, the Infinity11 is super-fast – and super-quiet.

Royal Brew Ice Cream Maker – $152.99 with code VDAY2021; originally $249

Valentine's Day dessert should definitely include some homemade ice cream – and the Royal Brew does all the work for you. Modeled after retail ice cream shop systems, the Royal Brew doesn't require you to freeze the bowl before using, and does all the churning itself so you can enjoy freshly made ice cream in as little as 30 minutes.

Firepod Portable Multifunctional Pizza Oven – $297.49 with code VDAY2021; originally $400

Whether you want to stone-bake your pizza, BBQ it, or hot rock cook it, the Firepod can do it all. Just change out the cooking set you want, and this ultra-efficient, heavy-duty stainless steel burner serves up instant heat for delicious homemade pies. 

Be better

The Ultimate Creative Arts Bundle: Learn to Paint and Draw – $29.74 with code VDAY2021; originally $1194

If you really love someone, how about a gift that truly unlocks all their hidden artistic talents? This six-course, 18-hour training package explores how to get started learning how to draw and paint, including courses in creating watercolor landscapes, still-life drawings, and more.  

Karaoke On Demand: Lifetime VIP Subscription – $127.49 with code VDAY2021; originally $599

Better be careful who gets their hands on this one…because a lifetime of access to Karaoke on Demand is a lifetime of songs…whether somebody can sing or not. KOD works on most phones, tablets, and other devices, offering a catalog of thousands of karaoke songs so you can stream classic hits or hot new jams, follow your lyrics – and belt it out!

Power Hour Tower Adult Party Game – $28.04 with code VDAY2021; originally $34

Maybe it's time to start a new game night tradition. The Power Hour Tower is sort of like Jenga… if it also included drinking, stunts, secrets being revealed, people getting embarrassed, and more. This game will definitely lead to a night players will never forget.

The Book of Epiq People and Surprise Gift – $49; originally $75

This Kickstarter-funded book features another way to get to know a loved one better. This coffee table volume hinges on your relationships, offering friends and family the chance to answer 20 thought-provoking questions that might make you see your nearest and dearest in a new way. 

Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector – $50.99 with code VDAY2021; originally $59

You can definitely set the mood by projecting an entire universe right on to your ceiling. With the tilting design, you can create a moving star pattern drifting against a blue nebula cloud that transforms your bedroom, office, or any other space. If you, or someone you know, loves falling asleep under the stars, here's the next best thing.

Smokeless Bio-Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace – $76.49 with code VDAY2021; originally $129

Recreate the romantic glow of a flickering fireplace – even if you don't have a fireplace. This three-foot stainless steel linear burner uses pure plant-based ethanol fuel to produce a portable, yet beautiful, fireplace effect with no smoke anywhere you go.

VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector – $144.49 with code VDAY2021; originally $249

Watch Casablanca or your favorite rom-com at 25 feet across with this LED projector with a brilliant picture. With a native 1080p resolution and a contrast ratio three times that of lesser 720p projectors, this unit projects your images with gorgeous clarity, even in well lit rooms. And, you can connect almost any portable device via HDMI to cast virtually anything in true widescreen splendor.

Prices subject to change.