WP Buzz was built to host WordPress websites and take the hassle out of web hosting

If you don't have a background in creating web pages, it's easy to misunderstand how the process of creating a site and making it available to visitors on the web actually works. Website building apps are everywhere out there, many with incredibly simple drag-and-drop interfaces that make building pages and actually putting together the core functionality of a website in a matter of minutes very simple. 

The runaway leader in this category is WordPress, the content management system behind almost 40% of all the websites in existence today.

But even with a platform as universally accepted as WordPress, that doesn't necessarily mean every web hosting service has the technology to provide a home for your WordPress site without hassles. That's where enlisting a service like WP Buzz can offer some big advantages, since it was exclusively built and optimized for WordPress-based websites.

In fact, WordPress comes pre-installed with the WP Buzz lifetime subscription. So, once you've got access to WP Buzz, you can build your WordPress site, set it live, and never have to worry about the headaches that come with migrations or compatibility again.

Not only is WP Buzz crafted to play nice with WordPress, it's actually crafted to make WordPress sites run even better. WP Buzz supercharges a WordPress site with added speed and performance, allowing it to load up to 10 times faster than with traditional hosts, according to K6.

Also, unlike other hosts, WP Buzz has features like auto-scaling to boost your site memory and processing power during high-demand periods. Users also enjoy automatic load balancing, Google-based DNS, and optimized PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript…the works. It'll even automatically update your site to the latest version of WordPress, all by itself.

The easy-to-use control panel makes all your site management duties simple whether you're using a desktop, a tablet, or even a smartphone.

Right now, you can lock in a lifetime of WP Buzz Fast and Secure WordPress Hosting services for over 90% off its regular price. A $475 value, it's on sale now for just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.