Near-death experiences while hang gliding

A hang glider was rescued, critically injured, from a beach near San Franscisco this week. There's no footage of what happened, yet, but the footage embedded above appears to show a very similar incident from 2019: something's wrong with the velcro straps and carabiners, which give way (2m 20s). Were it not for the hang glider's strong grip, he'd be in desperate trouble; as it is, he walked away with minor injuries after a crash landing.

Considering I used this hang loop setup for many flights in the mountains, this location is potentially the most fortunate place for such an incident to occur. I can't imagine having to hold on to the glider for much longer than I did. If this had occurred in the mountains, where the landing zone is much further away from the launch, I doubt that I would have had the strength to hang on for the duration of the flight out to the landing zone.