Proud Boys charged in Capitol riot

Five so-called Proud Boys were today charged with conspiracy related to last month's riot at the U.S. Capitol complex. It is the the most significant claim yet that the far-right street gang tried to coordinate those sacking the building.

In a criminal complaint, an FBI agent described how the group "moved closely to each other" inside the Capitol on January 6 and wore pieces of fluorescent orange tape affixed to their clothing or gear.Some are accused of leading crowds of rioters as they pushed through multiple police lines and made their way through the Capitol grounds. They all wore tactical-style gear, including helmets and gloves. One had a wooden club or ax handle that was initially disguised as a flag. … The conspiracy charges are likely to grow. In a footnote in the affidavit, the FBI agent said they believe more people may be involved in the conspiracy and that an investigation is ongoing.

Important to point out that one of those charged looks like Gavin McInnes, founder of the gang, but isn't.