Prison for Proud Boy who shot at cops

A Proud Boy who participated in the Jan. 6 riots on Capitol Hill, then fired at cops later trying to arrest him, is off to prison for two years. Nathan Pelham, 41, of Texas, pleaded guilty to a federal felony charge of possession of a firearm.

Local authorities went to Pelham's home that night after his father requested a welfare check, according to the filing. Pelham fired several shots toward the law enforcement officials, the FBI special agent said, and one of the officers said a shot "came in so close proximity to myself that I could hear the distinct whistling sound as the bullet traveled by me and then strike a metal object to my right side."

Pelham was sentenced to time served by U.S. District Judge John D. Bates in his Jan. 6 case in September. Prosecutors said Pelham "was dishonest with law enforcement, both before and after his arrest, about what he did at the Capitol."

Two years for shooting at cops sounds lenient given the longer sentences handed out for shitting on Nancy Pelosi's rug or whatever.