Check out deals on 10 of the coolest drones flying through the air, all at an extra 15% off

Drones are taking pictures of real estate properties, running surveillance missions, dropping off Amazon packages, and now, they may soon be fighting fires.

But, for all their applications, none of those uses explain the #1 reason you absolutely need to get a drone. They're just incredibly fun.

Thankfully, the prices now found on these 10 different drone models are low enough that picking up a drone doesn't have to be practical. It can just be a great way to loosen up, enjoy yourself, and just watch one of these little crafts scoot through the air.

Right now, you can save an extra 15% off the price of their already discounted drone models by entering the Presidents' Day Sale code, PREZ2021, when you make your purchase.

DIY Drone Builder Kit – $25.48 with code PREZ2021; originally $99

If you're worried about a drone being too mechanical and tough to understand, here's a drone you can basically create from cardboard. Just cut out your pieces, use the conductive silver ink to feed electricity through your craft, then use the free mobile app to get this art project-slash-drone up and flying.

DIY Building Block STEM Drone – $42.49 with code PREZ2021; originally $129

Built for kids 6 to 10, this practical hands-on craft is like a STEM course in a box, imparting the important qualities of aerodynamics, load balance, and more. Once they've created their own drone design with the step-by-step instructions, it's also just a fun and creative project, allowing kids to actually engage with science, then get outside and fly.

E88 Four-Axis High-Definition Aerial Photography Drone – $50.96 with code PREZ2021; originally $75

Made of high-strength-resistant plastic to be both lightweight and durable, the E88 was created for capturing some dynamic aerial footage. With the 4K wide-angle camera, you can shoot high-definition images and video, then send them from the drone in real time. Meanwhile, the six-axis gyroscope serves us a smooth stable flight so all the footage looks as brilliant as you'd hoped.

TRNDlabs Spectre Drone – $50.99 with code PREZ2021; originally $149

The Spectre makes the intricacies of flying incredibly simple. The four high-speed props offer unprecedented control and stability with flight assist features like enhanced automatic takeoff and landing, and the ability to hold its altitude. You can even fly at night with the built-in LED lighting array.

Portable Foldable Ultimate 4K Drone – $51.84 with code PREZ2021; originally $149

At only three inches long, this portable, collapsible drone is made for flights both indoors and out. The "headless" design makes sure you never lose your flight direction, while the 4K camera captures wide-angle images and video of all your most impressive aerial adventures. And don't let the size fool you — this drone can buzz along at a distance of up to 260 feet.

Micro Drone 2.0+ with HD-Camera – $63.74 with code PREZ2021; originally $175

Micro Drone 3.0 Combo Pack – $110.47 with code PREZ2021; originally $215

For a drone this small, users will be shocked at how much Extreme Flyers packed into the latest versions of their flagship micro crafts. The only tiny camera drone that can fly upside down, the Micro Drone is the first drone of its size with a user-controlled gimbal with servo motors, so pilots can actually control the angle of the camera. 

You can even trick it out with new 3D-printed bodies, making it feel like a new drone with each flight. Both models are designed for easy flying and fantastic images, while the 3.0 comes with a more powerful motor and extras like a handset and additional propeller blades.

M9 Mini Foldable Drone – $63.71 with code PREZ2021; originally $182

This quadcopter can follow the exact course you chart, even if your hands aren't on the stick. Just draw your flight plan with the drone app, and this craft follows your path to the letter. And, you can chronicle every step of the way in glorious 1080p resolution ultra HD video as well.

Force1 Wi-Fi FPV Drone with HD Video Camera – $76.49 with code PREZ2021; originally $149

The Force1 lets you record real-time HD camera drone footage right on your smartphone. With three speed settings, one-touch takeoff and landing, and more high-tech flying options, this drone also stands out, thanks to its extra battery for an extended 25 minutes of available flying time on each charge up.

Shift Red Hi-Lite Package – $169.96 with code PREZ2021; originally $199

With sensor fusion technology, the Shift Red actually recognizes the drone's 3D locations and speeds for the most intuitive and precise flight control. Of course, if you'd rather let AI do the flying, there are also eight different auto-pilot modes to choose from. And, with the lens distortion correction feature, pilots can shoot video and images as accurately as perceived by the human eye.

Prices subject to change.