The KeySmart Key Holder gets your messy key situation under control

There are things in this world that none of us enjoy, but all of us ultimately tend to accept with annoyed reservation. One of those life inconveniences is knowing that we need to carry keys for our home, vehicle, office, and more…and knowing we're going to need to tote that bulky ring around almost everywhere we go.

It sits in your pocket or your purse, jangling like you're a high school janitor. It's unwieldy, it's cumbersome – and we all can't wait for the day when the entire world is run by key cards or automatically opening Star Trek doors.

But, until that day comes, the KeySmart Original Compact Key Holder can at least help get your key situation squared away and under control.

The KeySmart easily attaches up to 8 keys in a compact body composed of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel. Engineered to an 'S' shaped design, this construction allows it to hold twice the number of keys in half the space. 

Despite its slim body, the KeySmart fits most key types comfortably. It even comes packing an attached loop to hook your car fob on as well. And, at three inches long, its slim design is perfectly pocket-sized while the key swing action cleans up the mess found in an ordinary key ring.  

The KeySmart loads keys with a twist of a screw. It also has room for customization to include a few much-needed EDC items like a knife blade, a bottle opener, or even a tiny flash drive.

Uber-functional and dedicated to keeping you from ever getting jabbed in the leg again by your keys, the KeySmart is a clean, organized way to get your keys squared away easily.

The KeySmart Original Compact Key Holder is available in black, red, blue or titanium color schemes – and for a limited time, shoppers can take another 15% off the cost of their KeySmart by entering the Presidents' Day Sale code PREZ2021 while they checkout. Between the original discount and the added sale price, you can get a KeySmart now for just $13.59.

Prices subject to change.