The man who called woman a "stupid blue hair Asian girl" is no longer a Realtor

It didn't take long for people to identify the racist gentleman in this video. Shortly after he was identified his employer bade him farewell:

From Heavy:

A woman who goes by the name "Em" on Twitter first shared the video.

She wrote, "At 5pm I was walking in Brentwood at the intersection of Bundy & Montana. I stopped to look at my phone when this man came out of his home & verbally assaulted me. He approached me, maskless. I asked him to step away. He called me 'stupid blue hair asian girl' & "dumb bitch.'"

"Are you up against the car," Dalcin says at the beginning of the video.

The woman recording the video asked him to back away from her and said he was harassing her.

"No one's going to pay attention to you because you're dumb and you're a stupid blue Asian haired girl. Fuck you. Fuck you," Dalcin says.

"I was literally just standing here," she responds.

"Fuck you," he says. "I can record you, you dumb bitch. I can record you too. You see how stupid you are."

He walks toward her with two dogs.

"Get the fuck out of here you idiot. Dumb fucking bitch."