Make your house sparkle with this 3-stage robot vacuum, on sale for over 60% off

Self-operated vacuums like Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons were once a science fiction dream. Now, robot vacuums are everyday devices, with U.S households expected to spend nearly $3 billion on robo vacs in 2021 alone.

Despite all that innovation, not much much has changed in what we ask from our vacuums. We want clean floors, and we want them cleaned well without headache or excessive time wasted. Ecovacs is on the case, and their Deebot 601 was introduced to bump up vacuuming efficiency by making the process as quick and easy as possible.

Like all good modern robo vacs, the Deebot 601 requires almost no maintenance — or even thought. With the Ecovacs Home app, users can program their Deebot to clean automatically at set times. After the Deebot maps your living space, you can set it to sweep your floors every day when you go out running or after you've gone to bed at night. Plus, the vacuum is controllable via voice commands using thanks to home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Deebot can tackle all types of flooring, ranging from hardwood and tile surfaces to deep shag carpets. Its ace in the hole is a built-in 3-stage cleaning system that simultaneously sweeps, lifts, and vacuums particles and other debris in one fluid pass.

The V-shaped main brush works in tandem with edge-cleaning brushes that target corners and other hard-to-reach spaces that otherwise elude other robot vacuums. Speaking of which, the Deebot 601 is barely three inches tall, so it's perfectly suited to slip under chairs and couches to grab all of the dirt and grime that normally go unaddressed. 

Retailing for $349, you can now pick up a fully refurbished Ecovacs Deebot 601 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner now for only $129.99, or over 60 percent off.

Prices subject to change.