Fox News confirms Ted Cruz traveled to Cancun as millions suffer in deadly Texas winter storm

Ted Cruz took an awfully short vacation to Cancun, Mexico while his constituents are without power and water and literally dying of the cold. Cruz and his family reportedly left just yesterday, yet a flight upgrade list (which shows the first letter of a passenger's first name and the last three letters of their last name) indicates an "R. Cru" is on a flight to Houston this afternoon. (Ted Cruz's full name is Rafael Edward Cruz.)

Who wants to bet Cruz will tweet something like "Sorry to disappoint liberal finger-pointers, but I wanted to help my family get settled into their hotel for a long-planned vacation before flying right back to continue to help my constituents in the great republic of Texas survive this Democrat-caused disaster."

But Marketwatch states the obvious reason why Cruz is cutting the warm-weather trip short: "The backlash to this has been so heated, however, that the Republican Senator is reportedly coming back home."

Jake Sherman tweeted this morning: