On the Senate floor Ron Johson makes the bizarre claim that Capitol rioters were "fake Trump supporters"

During today's Capitol security hearing, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said the violent insurrectionists who breached the Capitol to kill Vice President Pence and any members of Congress who refused to overthrow the election for their god-emperor Trump were actually "agents provocateurs" and "fake Trump supporters."

It's bullshit, of course.

From The Independent:

The feds have indicted more than 250 people for their roles in the riot, many of whom have said they believed they were following Donald Trump's orders when they stormed the legislature — a fact that contradicts Mr Johnson's narrative that the "jovial, friendly, earnest demeanour of the great majority" was sabotaged by left-wing anarchists disguised as right-wingers.

At least 14 of those arrested have professed to be supporters of the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory that believed the former president was elected to wage a shadow war against a cannibalistic cabal of Satan-worshipping paedophiles consisting of Democratic politicians, Hollywood elites, and other prominent liberals.

Another 16 have links to the so-called Proud Boys, a fringe right-wing militia group that strongly backs Mr Trump.

Johnson doesn't really believe that "fake Trump supporters" were at the Capitol on January 6. He's just saying it to please his voter base. They don't believe it either, but lies like this are important bonding rituals in the Trumpanzee tribe.