This foldable chair is perfect for outdoor adventures or just lounging at home

When you're out camping, at the beach, or even at a local park, you've got a handful of seating choices to choose from. You can go minimalist and just bring a towel, but that's almost universally uncomfortable. You can bring a cushion for a little more (but not much) comfort. Or, you can shell out a folding chair, but now you have to lug a cumbersome piece of furniture with you.

The Loungie Foldable Quickchair is a smart, solution that splits the difference to your seating conundrum, combining the comfort of true seating with the convenience of traveling light.

Made from a robust layer of high-density foam, the Loungie feels nothing like those cheap chairs with a thin slice of padding. It feels like you're actually sitting in an honest to goodness chair with zero assembly required.

The steel tube frame helps the chair retain its shape and offers sturdiness without weighing the whole chair down. While this durable, foldable seat is fashioned to survive years of use without incurring any damage. It also weighs less than 6 ounces, so it's ultra portable. 

In its folded-up mode, you can sling the easily adjustable strap over your shoulder or hold it by the built-in handle. Either way, you'll hardly feel like you're carrying anything, so you won't be slowed down even during the most fast-paced outdoor adventures. 

The Loungie is the perfect companion for all outdoor excursions, including barbeques, enjoying quiet time in the backyard with a good book, and even on top of hard metal stadium seats. That's not to say that it'll be out of place at home, though. Feel free to pull your Loungie up to the fireplace for a comfortable night in. 

The Loungie is available in four different color schemes to match your personal tastes, including beige and brown, light grey and black, light blue and grey, and a flashy hot pink and white.

Usually retailing for $165, you can grab your own Loungie Foldable Quickchair for 65% off, or just $49.95. 

Prices subject to change.