'Next Gen' US Postal Service truck compared to a clown car

It looks like Lightning McQueen's ugly cousin.


Officials at the U.S. Postal Service held a press conference on Tuesday to announce the agency has awarded a $482 million contract to Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense for a new fleet of vehicles scheduled to be rolled out in 2023. But the design of the new vehicles has been polarizing to say the least, with some social media users absolutely loving it and others seeming to think they look like clown cars.

USPS delivery vehicles haven't gotten a refresh since 1994, as Car and Driver magazine points out, so it makes sense that whoever might design a fleet here in the 2020s would try to be bold. And bold they are, with Oshkosh's plans for the so-called Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) getting strong reactions all around.