AudioWow takes audio recording to new heights — in the size of a matchbox

If you're a musician, a podcast host, or any sort of audio content creator, you already know the drill. You record performances using your prime equipment, save your master files, then dump all of your content on your computer's audio workstation to create a proper mix.

Up until now, there hasn't really been a better way to do this. Smartphones theoretically offer these features, but their mics aren't good enough for high fidelity recording. Plus, mobile apps can't easily perform extensive audio processing like mixing multiple audio channels or adjusting sound levels. 

That's why the AudioWow was a serious hit on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It packs the functionality of a full audio studio setup that connects to your phone all in a device roughly the size of a matchbox.

First, the AudioWow boasts a mic that your iPhone or Android can only dream of having. It contains a built-in, 6mm high-sensitivity omnidirectional condenser mic with multi-level noise cancellation, allowing you to capture much more authentic sound than your phone alone can. It's also wireless, so you can record high-quality audio straight to your phone from nearly 50 feet away. It'll even synchronize recorded audio with a video recording in real-time for all your vlogging or music video shoots.

Once you're finally finished recording, then the AudioWow can really shows its stuff. It offers a number of professional-grade audio editing functions such as a voice changer, reverb, an equalizer, a remixer, speech recognition and more. You can also mix music and vocals perfectly, fade-in music under your podcast recordings, create AI transcriptions, and record karaoke performances on the fly with no further editing needed.

AudioWow also works with third-party apps like Facebook Live, TikTok, Snapchat, and others to provide improved sound recordings, even for live social media events. The winner of a CES 2021 Innovation Award, the AudioWow is a must-see jump forward in audio recording abilities.

The AudioWow: Wireless Audio Studio is on sale for $159 right now, but you can get an additional $20 off using code AUDIO20 at checkout. 

Prices subject to change.