Add Hollywood-level visuals to your film and video projects with this VFX bundle

The old days of '50s monster movie-level effects are over. And don't think you'll be graded on a curve just because you're shooting on an iPhone. If you want to shoot the Avengers: Endgame of TikTok videos, you better have the visual imagery to back up your grand plans.

Of course, Endgame needed over 2,500 visual effects shots created by a host of Hollywood VFX houses over the course of three years. We're guessing don't have the time or money for that type of production, but the tools to create very realistic special effects for your films, commercials, and social media videos are a lot more accessible than you think, especially with this $39.99 VFX bundle. 

The ActionVFX Ultimate Video Video Effects Bundle is like your very own VFX house in an easy-to-use package. This collection of video clips is moviemaking gold, chock full of explosions, gun effects, fire, and other digital elements that can be incorporated into any of your videos. Even with basic compositing or video editing software, creators can drag and drop an ActionVFX element right into their editing timeline, and pump up the spectacle and grandeur of their work in everything from a YouTube video to an independent film production.

The clips run the gamut of action movie staples, including explosions of gas, dust, or dirt, as well as fire trails ranging from small fires to raging infernos. You also get crucial scene ambience like smoke or fog to flavor your scenes. Each effect is rendered in 2K resolution with a variety of angle options so you can always match the action to the correct on-screen position in your video.

Fire embers, blood splatter, and muzzle flashes of all sizes and varieties are also included, so if you want to make a Facebook video featuring your star escaping a burning building, a YouTube clip of a horror movie villain dismembering victims, or put a Vietnam-scale firefight into the middle of your small independent film project, ActionVFX offers the ability to make it all look clean and real.

This collection of over 80 different ActionVFX Ultimate Video Visual Effects Bundle shots is regularly valued at over $500, but right now, the entire package is ready to bring all your movie dreams to life for just $39.99

Prices subject to change.