Kayleigh MacEnany's plan for grand farewell disrupted by President Trump sparking a failed insurrection

MacEnany had planned to regale the nation with the wondrous achievements of the Trump Administration, sadly those plans were upset when her boss encouraged a crowd to murder Congress, and they failed.


"I wanted to do a press briefing on the way out about all the great achievements of this administration, and all the good that I felt that the president had done," McEnany said. "We didn't get the opportunity to do that because obviously Jan. 6th, it just was something that was not tenable."

McEnany addressed reporters briefly on Jan. 7 but opted to read off a roughly two minute-long prepared statement and exited without taking questions.

"I knew I needed to go to the podium," McEnany said Tuesday. "I knew that's what Christ would want me to do. I knew it's what, as a woman of faith, I needed to do."

I am unaware of the portions of the Christian bible that relate to insurrection and press conferences, but modern religion is not my thing.