Jimmy Kimmel "pranks" George Santos — or is it the other way around? (video)

Since his expulsion last week, George Santos hasn't missed a beat, quickly pivoting from Con(gress)man to Cameo hustler. And one of his first customers was Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel explained last night how he "pranked" the former New York lawmaker by anonymously ordering a string of Cameo requests, "which is a dilemma, because on one hand you hate to give money to a guy like George Santos, but on the other, eh, pretty good chance he has your credit card information already," he joked.

And Santos took the bait, sending a slew of videograms back to the late-night host. But he also pulled in $400 a pop (each pop taking less than a minute), and at this rate (millions per year), it's not actually clear which prankster came out on top.

Either way, Kimmel will be "parceling these out over the next week," and shared the first three last night. Watch Santos respond to the winner of a beef-eating contest, a successful cloning of a mom's beloved schnauzer, and a gentleman trying to get back into the good graces of his wife Swoozie (in the video below, posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live).