Beautiful book showcases the early Amiga demoscene

Demoscene the Amiga years volume 1 [] is an enormous 450-page book that showcases the spectacular audio-visual demos that established Commodore's Amiga as the world's most psychedelic computer.

Say « Boing » and fans of the Amiga think of the first demo, written in 1984 by Dale Luck and RJ Mical for a prototype displayed at CES, that used the machine's unique hardware capabilities to create smooth animated 3D graphics with stereo sound. It was hugely important to the machine's success, and captured people's imagination – and a generation used the Amiga to express their creativity and ingenuity. The Amiga demoscene thrived and evolved, and this book chronicles many of the scene's favourites from multiple groups through interviews with their creators: coders, producers, artists, musicians from many countries are included. 450 full colour gloss pages in a quality hardback binding. Demoscene the Amiga years reflects the making of the best demos as well as the history of the most emblematic and best known groups of the demoscene. Discover numerous pictures of demos through more than 450 pages as well as contributions of "sceners". This book is the first volume covering the years 1984 to 1993 with about 90 demos amongst the most famous and popular ones.

This is mine in the uneasy sense of Peter Graham's famous quote, "the Golden Age of science fiction is twelve". The 16-bit era and all its digitized, decontextualized simulacra of countercultures beyond reach.