Turtle found living in the belly of a largemouth bass

Biologists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found this turtle living inside the belly of a largemouth bass. Their field notes on the matter are delightful:

The sun rises over the grassy waters of the Florida Everglades, FWC biologists launch their airboats and prepare to collect largemouth bass. At the lab bench, biologists measure, take tissue samples, collect otoliths, and determine sex of all the bass collected earlier that day. A biologist notices something out of the ordinary, movement coming from the stomach of a bass. The biologist carefully opens the stomach and something unexpected is inside…. a live turtle!

Live turtles are not something biologists normally find amongst the stomach contents of largemouth bass. The biologist walks to the edge of the water and places the turtle in the grass. Mosquitos are buzzing, and the sun is starting to set. The biologist watches as the turtle enters the water and slowly swims beneath the surface.