Mom sends daughter into panic by rolling down window in front of a boy

If you're a parent you may know the joy of embarrassing your children in front of their peers. I blasted an "Air Supply" song with the windows down dropping off my daughters in front of the high school one morning, and cackled all the way home replaying their mortified faces on a loop in my head.

This mom absolutely knows how to send her daughter into freak out mode by lowering the window barrier between her and a cute boy. The playing-it-cool routine is over and now it's time to swiftly duck and cover.

It's hilarious to see the daughter accept her fate in a good-natured way when she says, "I have to sit here now," all slouched down below the open window. And, for the record, I am almost certain that no "Air Supply" song has ever been blared at a high level through car speakers before or since I did it to embarrass my daughters in 2018.