Game about version control is a real Git

Bleeptrack and Blinry's Oh My Git! is a game about using Git, the popular version control system that developers use to organize and manage their projects. You can download it free of charge on for Windows, Linux and MacOS. The game's source is, of course, open and ready for you to check out.

Oh My Git! is an open source game that introduces players to the popular version control system "Git". It is highly interactive, and aims at building intuition for operations like "merging" or "rebasing" branches. Players are guided through the features of Git step by step – each level tells a little story where the player can use their new-found powers to solve problems or help others.


Wait, is this a real Git?

Yes, Oh My Git! uses real Git repositories for each level. It is important to us that Git beginners have a real-life experience while playing. Also we want to give more experienced Git users all the power they would have when using Git in their productive environment.