This crystal chess set adds an exquisite touch to your game and is on sale for over 40% off

Historians say chess likely started in India all the way back in the 7th century. And while it's never really been absent over those hundreds of years since, it's certainly experienced waxes and wanes in its public acclaim over the centuries.

Even among all those ebbs and flows of history, chess is having a bit of a moment these days. What started as an uptick in popularity during COVID-infused quarantine exploded last November with Netflix's The Queen Gambit miniseries. Sales of chess sets rose 87 percent in the U.S., while chess book sales skyrocketed by over 600 percent. 

But while learning to play is one thing, the set you actually play with is another story entirely. Your chess set makes a statement about you, so whether you choose marble or wood pieces, the right chess set is no small decision. For a modern, yet elegant approach, take a look at this gorgeous Crystal Chess Set that would definitely carve out a distinctive play on your coffee table or bar top.

Crafted from 100 percent crystal, and with each piece standing up to 3 inches high, this set offers a weighty, impressionistic representation of each of the game's iconic pieces. Whether you choose the clear purity of the white crystal side or the smoky darkness of the grey side, you control a classical composed assemblage ready for battle.

The 15-inch square gameboard is crystal as well, featuring a matte white grid game surface to serve as a suitable home for all your clashes to come.

While cheap plastic sets might do in a pinch is you're out and about or in a hurry, this regal set announces its importance. For experts or those just learning the game, it's a statement set that will cut a dashing profile in your home.

This Crystal Chess Set from ChessPro retails for $300, but if you want to get in on the savings, this offer now cuts the total price down to almost half that total, only $159.99.

Prices subject to change.