Ohio man accidentally given two Covid shots in one day goes into shock

A 91-year-old man in Ohio, Victor Smith, who had already had one Covid shot weeks earlier, accidentally received his second shot twice in one day, four hours apart. He then went into shock.

Smith was staying in a rehab facility to recover from a fall, which happened right after his first Covid shot in January. After the facility took him to a vaccination site to get his second shot, they later brought vaccines to patients in the rehab center and, thinking he was a different Victor, gave him a third shot.

From LiveScience:

"They transported him to get his shot, and when he came back, I spoke to him, he was good," his daughter Dawn Smith Theodore, told WLWT. 

That same day, patients at his rehabilitation clinic were also being vaccinated. There was a mixup between patients with similar names at the rehab facility, and Smith received yet another dose of the COVID-19 vaccine — his third …

"I guess a city firefighter came in [to the rehabilitation facility] and said they have a shot for Victor, and the nurse said 'Victor Smith?' and he said 'Yes' so they gave him the room number" where her dad was, Theodore said. "My dad said, 'I got two vaccines.'" 

Smith went into shock and was hospitalized, where he is now recovering.

Image by DepositPhotos