'Brady Bunch' star's patio chairs sold out after appearing in Harry and Meghan interview

I spotted a character wearing an "Axe Capital" logo pullover on my TV one night. "Axe Capital" is a fictional company on the show "Billions" that I was watching that evening. My "Axe Capital" T-shirt was ordered before the episode ended. Yes. Geeky like that.

The patio chairs that Harry and Meghan sat in to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey got noticed by the millions of viewers, and it turns out that Christopher Knight, "The Brady Bunch's" 'Peter Brady' owns the company that sells those chairs. Next thing? Immediate sell out of the wicker and acacia Burchett Outdoor Club Chairs sold on Overstock.com and Amazon from Christopher Knight Brands.

via CNN:

"In Oprah's sensational interview with Prince Harry and Meghan this week, who would have thought the furniture would have been noticed at all, but it was…and not even by me!" Knight wrote on Facebook. "I am honored to have the patio chairs from my collection become the seat of the most fascinating famous sit down in recent history. It would appear Meghan and Prince Harry got 'Knighted' in a way never anticipated."

Horrible or clever pun aside, you be the judge, it's nice to see Peter Brady doing well. I'm looking at you Bobby Brady. Also, as available as the "Dexter" 'kill shirt' is on line and is pretty cool, it just seemed like a bad karma buy for me.