Improve your computing, viewing, and gaming experience with 6 on-sale monitors

Maybe you need a wider viewing space. Maybe you need some extra versatility. Or maybe your old screen is just getting a little ratty. No matter your reason, you picked a good time to test the market on a new screen for your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or even your gaming platform of choice.

Right now, you can check out all six of these monitors that will help improve your viewing in any situation, all on sale at savings of up to 33 percent off.

Mobile Pixels Duex Pro Portable Dual Monitor – $180 after coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO; originally $249

Here's how your humble laptop turns into the multi-screened productivity beast like the one you used at the office. The Duex plugs in to your laptop via USB, adheres to the back of your screen, then slides out when needed for a true second screen experience. In addition to the dual screen mode that can help you multitask up to 50 percent faster, the 1080p monitor can also flip around up to 270 degrees to serve as the perfect display monitor for use in all your presentations.

Mobile Pixels Trio Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor – $215 after coupon code SCREEN44; originally $259

And what's the only thing better than the Duex's second screen? Well, the Trio boats second and third screens, so you can create a true wraparound desktop all in an ultra-compact, lightweight, and portable package. 

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor – $240 after coupon code SCREEN49; originally $319

Then there's also the Trio Max, which broadens the Trio's 12.6" screens up to a fuller 14 inches that scales perfectly with larger 15" to 15.6" laptops. 

Right now, buyers can enter one of the coupon codes above to shave anywhere from $44 and $79 off their Duex, Trio, or Trio Max purchase.

Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor – $219.99; originally $275

The Desklab is an elite 4K monitor that offers more than just a pretty picture. This versatile, ultra-portable 1080p screen also serves as a fully functional touch panel, offers a whole fleet of extra USB-C, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio ports. It even sports high-definition stereo speakers built right in. But of course, it is 4K… So yeah, it does look gorgeous too.

UPERFECT 15.6" Portable Monitor – $197.99; originally $219

From gaming to viewing, the UPerfect sure tries to live up to its name. Sync up this 1080p monitor to your laptop or phone and you've got a 15.6" LCD screen with zero distortion, sharp images, and stellar color reproduction. And on top of the built-in quad speaker system, you can invite the whole crew to watch thanks to this monitor's 178° IPS full view angle, so everyone can see clearly, even from extreme angles. 

Samsung 24" SE650 Series LED Monitor (Certified Refurbished) – $209.99; originally $299

This trio of Samsung monitors serve up improved performance, each sized to fit your particular space. And each is tested and certified to look and work like new with minimum 90-day warranties.

The 24" features an ED-backlit LCD screen with a dynamic contrast ratio for subtle definition across lights and darks. 

Samsung 27" SR35 FHD Monitor (Certified Refurbished) – $179.99; originally $249

Meanwhile, the 27" is primed for action, including a 75Hz refresh rate along with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology to bring both videos and games to life without stutters or blurring. It's the perfect gaming monitor if you're on a budget. 

Samsung 32" UR59C Series Curved UHD Monitor (Certified Refurbished) – $399.99; originally $599

Meanwhile, the 32" features a native UHD 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 and support for 1.07 billion colors — and it's curved to offer a realistic and lifelike viewing experience. That extra screen real estate will do wonders when paired with creative apps like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Prices subject to change.