Oops! Twitter automatically suspended anyone who used the word 'Memphis' over the weekend

If you were suspended from Twitter over the weekend, it might be because you used the word, uh, "Memphis" in your tweet. Anyone using the M-word was automatically suspended for 12 hours and forced to delete the offending tweet.

Of course this was a mistake that Twitter later clarified. "Earlier today, there was a system issue impacting accounts that tweeted the word 'Memphis,'" Twitter's spokesperson said. "The issue mistakenly requested that account owners delete those Tweets and temporarily limited their account features. The affected accounts are now reinstated and this issue has been resolved."

From The Guardian:

Twitter did not explain why Memphis was blocked, but some users speculated that an attempt to prevent a specific user's personal information being shared was incorrectly entered. "What's possible is a Twitter staffer tried to block a street address, but the postal syntax acted as an escape sequence, or the original was multi-line and they only pasted the city," wrote Swift on Security.

Image by DepositPhotos