"What if you could grow a building from a seed?" Watch this animation about X, the moonshot factory

What if your pants could help you up the stairs? What if you could grow a building from a seed? What if a swimming pool could power the entire planet? These are some of the far out but feasible "moonshots" under exploration at X (formerly Google X), Alphabet's secretive R&D lab best known for the Waymo autonomous vehicle.

Several months ago, I had the great fun of collaborating with X (formerly Google X) on this animation about their "What if" approach to moonshots. I was grateful to collaborate with X storyteller Caroline O'Connor and my hypertalented friends Syd Garon, Lorenzo Fonda, and their associates who made magic on the screen. The original music is by my pal Money Mark— music hacker, producer, and the unofficial "fourth Beastie Boy."

More about X's "what if" moonshot mindset: "How to think in questions, not answers" by Courtney Hohne