Bring comfort with you anywhere you go with the world's first convertible pillow

You've heard of convertible cars. But you may never have heard of convertible pillows before. At first blush, that might not seem to make any sense, but if you could get your hands on a napEazy, then you just might understand it.

The napEazy is an intriguing new idea in bringing comfort with you everywhere you go. It's called the world's best ergonomic split pillow, not to mention being the world's first convertible pillow. That unique distinction plus its obvious practicality was enough of a feather in its cap to help the napEazy get funded to the tune of more than $35,000, over 11 times their initial goal.

At its core, the napEazy is pretty simple — it's just a basic home, office, and commute pillow. Of course, the napEazy shows its range by configuring to provide comfort while fixing your posture as you relax.

On the outside, this pillow features dual-layer memory foam and fabric material for comfort and coziness while only measuring about a foot long and weighing less than 1.5 lbs. But inside, there's a high-grade aluminum spine that allows the napEazy to extend by more than a foot. If you're sitting at a desk or inside a vehicle, the napEazy provides a comfortable headrest, aligning with your spine without requiring bending or straining your neck or back. You can take a quick power nap and wake up refreshed.

Perfect for front, back, and even side sleeping postures, the napEazy is antimicrobial and water repellent, so it's super-hygienic whether it stays at the office or heads out with you on the road. No matter where you use it, the napEazy reduces stress and fatigue, promotes better sleep, and increases the flow of energy in your body. 

Available in both standard and large sizes, the napEazy seals the deal with — in addition to more standard grey and black colorways — three cute animal pillow varieties. You can choose from an owl, a penguin, or a panda, all of which are guaranteed to make kids squeal.

Regularly priced at $90, you can get a napEazy ergonomic split pillow now and save $10 off the total. For $79.99, you can sleep soundly pretty much anywhere you find yourself. 

Prices subject to change.