Venice Beach homeless encampments and what is being done

I live very close to where much of this video is filmed. German in Venice consistently puts out realistic content sharing the sad situation of Los Angeles' unhoused. The Invisible People Project is also excellent.

Today German shares a new initiative to develop Tiny Home villages. We shared this story about the model village a few weeks back. This apparently is part of a larger proposal by CD-11 Councilperson Mike Bonin to quickly establish new safe camping, safe parking and Tiny Home sites to try and house the homeless on LA's Westside.

I woke up this morning and read this story about Silicon Valley's homeless situation. Yesterday friends told me that Oakland looks a lot like Los Angeles.

While we are pushing people around, like Echo Park or the Rose/Penmar encampment, LA has not appeared to slay any dragons. There are more people waiting to move into spaces as soon as repair or cleaning work ends. Fencing a park to keep people out won't work long-term. Finding a job when clean, fed, and safely housed is still very difficult. Compound all the other challenges shoveled on folks who are already in a bad situation? This is economic injustice that came home to roost, not an addiction or mental health problem as some might like to think.

Safe overnight parking, Tiny Homes, buying apartment buildings and hotels, do it all! Once we have enough housing for everyone who wants it, people can fight over which is best.