Place telepathic bets with "Uber for psychics"

From Vice:

Now, anyone can expedite their own extra-sensory education and test their abilities with an app called Remote Viewing Tournament, which pits contestants against each other in a psychic battle royale for cold, hard cash. Not only that, but the app's creator is running an experiment predicting stocks with users' answers to test his theories, and has ideas for a gig economy platform where paying clients could tap into his army of remote viewers to unravel the mysteries of the future on-demand; Uber, but for psychics.


Here's how it works: the app instructs you to meditate on a set of numbers and begin sketching impressions. The next screen prompts you to compare your drawing with two images, and select the closest-looking one. The "correct" image is revealed the next day, and at the end of the month, points are tallied on a global leaderboard where the top 10 monthly and all-time winners take home a $10 cash prize each. So far, $3,360 has been awarded in total.

The money is straight from developer Michael Ferrier's own pocket. 

An article on Medium's Remote Viewing Community Magazine adds:

ARV investing groups such as those participating with the venerable Applied Precognition Project have long used the technique to inform market trades. An astute member of our online community had intuited that daily RV Tournament results came after the stock markets closed in the United States, and they wondered whether RV Tournament's data was informing trades.


It turns out that yes, Ferrier has experimented with predicting stock market moves. Predictions from better-performing sub-groups have informed trades, testing techniques for financial investment that make up much of RV's reputation for real-world usefulness.

At least the funding for this isn't coming out of taxpayer pockets through CIA, right? Or at least, not that we know of. Yet.

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Image: Gibbermagash / Sketchport (CC-BY-SA 4.0)