More than half of Americans actually think Trump is handling coronavirus well

Sure, he pretended it was all a "Democrat hoax" for the last 2 months; neglected to do anything but downplay the virus for those 2 months; repeatedly used the pandemic as an excuse for anti-Asian racism; and brought his own precious economy to a grinding halt as unemployment reached record highs.

But according to a new ABC News / Ipsos poll, 55 percent of Americans think that President Trump is doing a good job with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Political Polls / Survey USA presents similar results:

I'd like to see ol' Donny wriggle his way out of this one, nevertheless, etc etc.

Coronavirus upends nation, as three in four Americans' lives changed by pandemic: POLL [Kendall Karson / ABC News]

Image: Public Domain via US Department of Defense and Gage Skidmore/Flickr via CC 2.0

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Entire stock market gain wiped out since Trump took office

When Obama took office on January 20, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was 7,949. When he left office on January 20, the DJIA was 19,827. As of March 18, 2020 at 1:39pm ET, the DJIA is 19,327.

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Trump signed his name to DOW chart when it artificially blipped up. Now look at it

The folks in Trump's loyalty cult were crowing with I-told-you-so glee when the stock market experienced a relatively puny uptick on Friday. Trump even added his signature to a misleadingly cropped chart of the short-lived rally and sent it to his most embarrassingly spittle-licking sycophants, like Fox News' Lou Dobbs, who could barely contain his excitement over the temporary blip.


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Facebook stock plummets 8%, wiping out $50 billion in market value

Facebook issued a disappointed quarterly report, sending its stock price down by 8%, reports CNBC.  In the report, "Facebook also warned of advertising headwinds related to privacy and regulatory changes on the horizon, leading to slowing growth in the U.S. Facebook said privacy improvements on Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android software could hurt its ability to target advertising."


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China state TV airs footage of detained reporter saying he regrets writing stock market story

China's state broadcast network today aired footage of Wang Xiaolu appearing to announce to the world that he solemnly regrets writing his influential story.

China: police detain financial reporter for “spreading false information” about stock market

A respected journalist in China who reported an important story about that nation's stock market fluctuations was held by police, who say he was “spreading false information.”

Popular social networking service begins offering stock for public trading

Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seen on a screen televised from their headquarters in Menlo Park moments after their IPO launch in New York. (REUTERS)

Shares of Facebook (FB) opened at $42.05 on today, up about 11 percent from the IPO price of $38. At this valuation, the company is worth around $115 billion. But shortly after the open, despite all the bubblicious hype leading up to FB's debut: share price dropped. At the time of this blog post, the price is hovering around $38.

The WSJ reports that trading volume was more than 375 million in first three hours of listing, more than 6.5% of total market volume. Trade volume is expected to set a new record in trading volume on IPO day.

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