Women claim to have attended parties with cocaine, ecstasy, and Matt Gaetz

They came for the cocaine and stayed for the cash payments from Joel Greenberg?

Two women have anonymously opened up about parties in Florida with Matt Gaetz and other Republican officials.

Daily Beast:

Two women have spoken out about their experiences of the parties, which they say were typically packed with Republican officials. Speaking to CNN, they described evenings fueled by Champagne, drugs, and sex—sometimes followed by digital payments being wired to them the morning after.

CNN reports the anonymous women said Gaetz was a familiar face at the parties. One of them described him as behaving like a "frat type of party boy" at the soirees—and claimed to have seen him popping mystery pills more than once. The women said some of the events were raging house parties inside gated communities, while others took place in quieter settings, such as private hotel suites at the end of boozy political conferences.

"No one ever wants to stop partying, stop drinking, once you've had a few glasses of Champagne in you," said one of the women. They also claim that cocaine and ecstasy were routinely on offer at the events.