Matt Gaetz has no evidence, and gets shut down on CNN

CNN's Abby Phillip was not letting Florida congressperson and Trump stooge Matt Gaetz get away with making unsupported claims about President Biden's involvement in crimes no one seems to have evidence occurred. Gaetz looks flustered and unhappy as he is forced to listen to a lecture about what is and isn't evidence.

Raw Story:

Gaetz appeared on CNN Primetime, and was asked about the quality of the evidence linking Biden to his son's purported foreign business dealings. He cited the existence of "bank records, devices, laptops, travel records," and more.

Gaetz said, "Are you trying to tell your viewers you don't believe Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden's–"

The host cut him off:

"Congressman, it's not what I believe, it's about whether there is evidence that president Biden is linked to the misdeeds that might be linked to Hunter Biden. That's the issue," she said.