80 pounds of explosives used for gender reveal party, cracking foundations of nearby homes

In Kingston, New Hampshire 80 pounds of Tannerite, a powder used to make exploding targets, set off a blast so strong, nearby neighbors thought there was an earthquake. But it was more like an avalanche of stupidity.

A local family decided to hold a gender reveal party at the Torromeo Industries quarry (with the quarry's permission), figuring it would be the safest and quietest place to reveal the genitals of their newest progeny. So much for quiet. The blast was loud enough to be heard in neighboring Massachusetts.

So far in 2021, three people have died during gender reveal party mishaps. That toll is virtually certain to rise as these parties have become increasingly elaborate in an effort to get that sweet sweet social media buzz.

Oh, in case you were wondering? It's a boy. Cue the explosions.