MAGA folks fail basic test, revealing they don't even know what "America" is (video)

Trump wants to "make America great again," but curiously, the MAGA mob doesn't even know what America is. In fact, MAGA folk failed the simplest version of an American citizenship test when offered a chance to show off their patriotism by the Jimmy Kimmel team.

For instance, although the red caps toss around the word "Constitution" almost as much as the word "bible," when asked, "What is the Supreme law of the land?" the Trump voters were stumped. One young MAGA man did take a stab at it though, answering, "Guns, liberty and justice."

The first three words of the Constitution was also a tough one. As "We the People" goes directly against the MAGA manifesto, the test takers again drew a blank. One gentleman failed not only with the wrong phrase, but in his math skills as well, responding, "In God we trust." Naturally, with just a few question in all, every Trumper failed the test. (See video below, starting at around 11:50.)

Via HuffPost
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