Confused Donald Trump didn't know where he was on Saturday (video)

A befuddled Donald Trump had no idea what state he was in Saturday night, greeting a crowd in Iowa as if he were in South Dakota — until a local representative ran on stage to rescue him.

"A very big hello to a place where we've done very well — Sioux Falls. Thank you very much, Sioux Falls," said the Republican party's slow frontrunner.

"You're in Sioux City, Mr. President," said Iowa's state Senator Brad Zaun, who had leaped onto stage to whisper the correction into Trump's ear.

This latest lapse of the four-times indicted unstable genius came during the same speech in which he mocked President Biden, saying "he can't read the teleprompter." But as the old saying goes, 'What goes around comes around,' and in this case, Biden got the last laugh when he highlighted the Trump gaffe on Xitter (see video below).

Via Daily Beast
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