Felony charges for woman who rented Sabrina The Teenage Witch 21 years ago and failed to return it

Caron McBride once lived in Norman, Oklahoma, and in 1999 rented Sabrina The Teenage Witch on VHS. We know this because McBride recently learned she was charged in absentia with felony embezzlement for failing to return the 21-year-old tape.

McBride said she first learned about the charges when trying to change her name on her license after getting married in Texas…McBride said the number was to the Cleveland County District Attorney's Office, where a woman there told her about the charges filed against her.

"She told me it was over the VHS tape and I had to make her repeat it because I thought, this is insane. This girl is kidding me, right? She wasn't kidding," McBride said.

McBride contends that she does not even remember renting the tape from Movie Place, which closed in 2008:

I mean, I didn't try to deceive anyone over Samantha (Sabrina) the Teenage Witch. I swear," McBride said.

A likely story. Give them back the tape, Caron!