Mysterious bones found while digging Las Vegas pool

Digging a hole in Las Vegas could result in an unwanted discovery. Typically, or maybe stereotypically, one would expect some Joe Pesci-style mischief where mob corpses are unearthed when trying to dig a new pool in Las Vegas. In this case, the bones found in the backyard of Matt Perkins' home predated the Bugsy Siegel era by approximately 6,000-14,000 years and are from a large animal, possibly a horse. However, some kind of ice age version of Tony "The Ant" Spilotro whacking and burying a prehistoric horse on what is now the Perkins' backyard is always a possibility.

via AP:

"The pool guy said he was going to come to check out the pool," Perkins told KTNV-TV. "We assume that was normal, we wake up he's out front with the police."

The pool builders discovered the bones about five feet (1.5 meters) below ground. After an investigation, police said the bones did not belong to a human and raised no law enforcement concerns.

Perkins is now deciding how best to preserve the fossil.

Well, this is good news. The Las Vegas horse murders of 8,204 AD finally have a solid lead.